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Polished concrete is fast becoming the material of choice for designers and homeowners alike. With its versatile application, polished concrete microcement can be applied to most surfaces such as flooring, bathrooms and wet rooms, worktops and splash-backs, furniture and walls. Furthermore, polished concrete’s on-trend aesthetic adds a luxurious touch of contemporary elegance to every setting. Offices, restaurants, retail spaces, hotels, and designer homes can all benefit from a polished concrete floor.

All our polished concrete solutions can be customized for your environment utilizing a mix of components, colors, and textures. There is no end to the design possibilities, affording you total freedom over your interior.

Microcement Microtopping® is only 3mm thick and can, therefore, be applied to existing surfaces (such as concrete, self-leveling, ceramic, wood, plaster, glass, and metal) with no need to remove them first. Microtopping® is fast and easy to install, ensuring minimum downtime during application with minimum disruption.

The Benefits Of Microcement

It’s applied by hand which means it can be customized to your individual design and comes in a wide range of colors and textures.

Design possibilities are only limited by your imagination

It’s easy to maintain and clean with just water and PH neutral soap. As there are no gaps it’s doesn’t harbor germs and bacteria.

It’s totally impermeable to liquid, is highly resistant to scratches and shocks and when treated becomes non-slip.

Due to its thinness, it is very light enabling it to be used on walls as well as floors without affecting the structural load of the building.